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We offer travel consultations and travel vaccines to our existing families – children and parents. We recommend that you schedule travel visits at least 5 weeks prior to traveling as some of the vaccines take time to be effective.

At the visit, the doctor will discuss your travel plans with you and review the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for travel to each country you plan to visit. You may also review the recommendations at  https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/ . If vaccines are recommended or mandatory, we will make them available to you at the appointment or shortly after. If the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is needed, payment must be made in full prior to us ordering the vaccine in stock. We usually have it in the office-2-4 business days after we order it. It must be given in two doses 28 days apart and the patient cannot travel out of the country for seven days following the second dose.

Private Insurance

Most commercial insurance companies will cover the office visit but do not cover travel vaccines. At the time of service, we will collect in full for any vaccines given as well as your copay / deductible / coinsurance for the office visit per your insurance policy. We will submit the claim to your insurance and if they pay for the vaccines, we will apply a credit to your account or reimburse you accordingly.

State Insurance

​State insurance plans (Medicaid, VA Premier, Anthem Healthkeepers Plus and  United healthcare Community Plan)  will not cover any of the costs associated with travel visits or vaccines as they are deemed not medically necessary. Payment is due in full at the time of service. For Parents, We cannot submit claims to insurance for services rendered in our office. We will provide you with all necessary paperwork so that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Travel Visit Consult                                      $80.00                      }  To be determined by the time
Travel Visit                                                     $55.00                     }       involved for the visit.
Administration for each vaccine                $21.24            
Japanese Encephalitis                                  $325.00 per dose*         
Yellow Fever                                                  $160.00    
Typhoid                                                          $105.00           
Hepatitis A - Adult (19+ years old)             $69.00
NOTE : There is currently a nationwide shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine. Some countries require this vaccine for entry into the country.

Please contact a receptionist if you have any questions regarding insurance or billing for these services.