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Healthy Snacks      

by Dr. Lisa Harnum, September 19, 2017

Parents are often wondering about healthy snacks for their children. Here are some ideas:

apple slices with peanut butter

baby carrots and fat-free ranch dressing

nutrigrain bars

cheese sticks

yogurt - Dannon Greek is lowest in sugar, watch other yogurt's sugar content which can be high, above 20 gms

Rx bars

KidsPerfectZone bars

Belvita bars or breakfast "cookies"

Any sliced fruits or vegetables

Whole grain crackers like Triscuits or wheat thins

Fruitables or Honest Kids drinks, water or 1% or skim milk if your child is over age 2 - avoid juice, soda and Gatorade or other sugary drinks except as a special treat occasionally.

Kids generally need 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. It is best to keep the snacks healthy, with only occasional junk food like potato chips, goldfish, white crackers, fruit snacks or candy.


We at Crestwood Pediatric Associates are concerned about the increasing use by our patients of retail based clinics or urgent care centers. Here are some important things to consider before you go:

  • The medical provider at an urgent care center does not have your child’s record. All children are not the same.  Having your child’s record allows us to define a treatment program specific for your particular child’s needs taking into account all prior treatments and diagnoses.
  • The medical provider at the urgent care center is unlikely to be a board certified pediatrician. This means that they are not specialists in pediatric care. They do not have the same level of experience and training.  They are much more likely to miss a diagnosis or overprescribe antibiotics as compared to a trained pediatrician.
  • Bringing your child to an urgent care center breaks up the continuity of care. Recurring conditions such as recurrent ear infections and recurrent strep throat may need referral to a specialist for consideration for surgery.  The number of episodes will not be accurately recorded. This leads to a delay in treatment.
  • The urgent care center does not have the immunization record. Every time we see your child in our office is an opportunity for us to review their immunization record and update needed vaccines. Since the urgent care center does not have this record, your child’s vaccines are much more likely to be delayed.
  • Since the urgent care center does not have your child’s record, they do not know about any chronic conditions, outstanding tests, and results of referrals that your child has had. We take the opportunity on every visit to catch up on these or to arrange follow up visits to discuss these issues. Parents that have chosen to have their children go to the urgent care center then have to make a separate visit in our office to address these issues. This results in delays in treatment and increased cost.

Parents are often unsure when a problem arises when our office is closed if it can wait till the office opens in the morning. We have 24/7 on-call physicians that can help you make the decision to go to an urgent care center or ER, or if it can wait till the office opens in the morning.

We understand that children get sick at night and on the weekend. Our office is open until 9 PM most nights and on Saturday morning to give maximum flexibility in scheduling to our patients.

We remain your partner in your child’s care. We want what is best for your child as do you. Please consider the above carefully the next time you consider going to an Urgent Care Center. 

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