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Please download and complete the New Patient forms and Newborn form. If you prefer to complete these in the office, please arrive at least 20 minutes in advance of your appointment. This will allow you adequate time to complete all the required paperwork.

During your visit we will review all the hospital paperwork and do an exam. We will asses for adequacy of breast or formula feeding and assess for signs of dehydration. If there are any concerns regarding breastfeeding, we will refer you to one of our lactation specialists on staff. We will also assess for signs of jaundice and may refer you to the lab for a bilirubin test. We will take the time to answer all of your concerns and give you written guidance on issues regarding new babies. At the end of the visit, as we will with every visit from this point, we will advise you when to schedule your next visit. Typically, this is when your baby is 2 weeks old.


The medical team at Crestwood Pediatric is committed to promoting the best for your infant. According to the National Healthy People goals, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their children, thereby offering them the “best” milk and the advantage of immunity transferred from mother to baby.

The current Healthy People goals are that 81.9% of all babies be breastfed at birth, with 60% still nursing at 6 months and at least 25% exclusively nursing at 6 months.

A recent review of newborns followed at our practice, revealed that we exceed those goals. Over 85% of our newborns are breastfed at birth. Of those, 71% were still nursing at age 6 months with the majority of them being still exclusively breast fed. 

We have breastfeeding counselors in house to support your efforts. We will work with you and your baby to help make breastfeeding successful. 


We like to see all of our new babies within 24 hours of being discharged. Please call our office during business hours to schedule your newborn appointment. Please bring all your discharge papers from the hospital to your initial visit in our office. We have all our office forms on our website. 


Our physicians see babies born at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital. The physicians rotate who rounds on the babies.  It is best to pre-register at the hospital. List Crestwood Pediatric Associates as your pediatrician during registration, and the hospital should notify us that your baby has been born. We will visit you and your baby within 24 hours of your baby's birth and answer your questions regarding your new baby. We will see your baby every day that they are in the hospital. On the last day, we will talk to you and give you instructions regarding when to make an appointment in our office. This is typically 1 to 2 days after discharge from the hospital.


Please call one of our offices, 703-361-7131 or 703-753-6184, to schedule a complementary prenatal visit. We would like the opportunity to answer all of your questions and give you a tour of our office. We also have important written information to give you that will answer many common questions such as what to expect from your hospital stay, when we will do your baby's initial exam, answer questions regarding circumcisions, scheduling of appointments, emergency and routine calls, format of the  visits for well check ups and sick visits in the future, immunizations,  accessing our lactation consultant, etc.